Video Stories

The featured work at Shine His Light Photo is videography that tells story. This is commonly in the form of testimonial. Most of the work I’ve done has been for churches and organizations that tells story of how God has changed hearts, spread his Kingdom, an how people are serving Him.

I have really enjoyed getting to know so many people from various walks of life to hear their story. These projects are not approached “interview” style but rather, conversation style which puts people at ease and makes them more comfortable in front of the camera.

I also feature educational content that not only involves filming a lecturer, but also includes visual content such as slides, lists, animations, etc.

I take care of the all production aspects: video, lighting, audio, post-processing, editing, titles, visuals, animations, etc.


Emma's story is one of immense darkness being dispelled by the light of Jesus.

Mosaic Church

Mosaic is a Christ-centered church based on God making beautiful things out of broken pieces.

Heart Language Series

This 6 part series explores the deaf world for the hearing culture in the church, giving insight into why the Deaf are important and what hearing people can do to offer community and support