January 2, 2024

Family Sessions - What To Wear - Part 2

In the last article we talked about color choices as you plan for your family photo session. Now we consider another very important aspects of clothing for your family: Comfort!

A quick note from last time, remember the most important factor in clothing selection is that it reflects who you ARE as a family. Your personality is the main ingredient in a successful photo shoot, so make sure it drives your focus as you think about what to wear.

First of all, think about the weather for the shoot. Do I need to dress warm or cooler? Dressing to light in the colder months can give you goose bumps and rosey cheeks and noses. Too hot in the summer and you’ll be glistening like David Hasselhoff… but not in a good way. Dress for a comfortable temperature.

With that decided, look for something that you ENJOY wearing. Don’t pick something that is not “you”. Don’t go for something that you wouldn’t wear on a regular basis. If you FEEL awkward in it you will LOOK awkward in it. Your confidence is beautiful and the camera reads it! Find something you are confidant in.

And lastly, the most obvious! Find something that feels great on your skin, ESPECIALLY for the little ones. discomfort on the skin makes us all squirmy and impatient. You want to relax and take your time in the session, so find something that fits well and feels soft.

In the next part we’ll talk about CLASS!