January 2, 2024

Family Sessions - What to wear - Part 1

It can be a daunting decision! Family pictures are this week, WHAT ARE WE GOING TO WEAR! Keep calm and read on.

The most important thing to remember is that this is all about you and who you are as a family. Everything about the shoot should reflect the personality of your family.

When choosing what to wear there are 3 important things to consider: Color, Comfort, and Class!

Color might be the most difficult part of the wardrobe, but don’t be afraid of it! Is your family fun and energetic? Go with some bright tones. Are you more formal and soft spoken? Find some neutral colors or pastels.

It can be hard to find articles for the whole family that coordinate well together. Shop around and even try Goodwill and thrift stores (they usually sort what’s on the rack by COLOR!)

Another idea is to go to the paint section at your hardware store. Find a paint chip sample or book that has some sample pallets in it. That will give you an idea of how different colors look together and the emotion or energy level they convey.

This family is definitely a fun family and has alot of energy with the number of kids and variety of ages! They chose very well in the colors with the bright fuchsia and blues and is one example of how color can really set the mood.

Color can’t be considered without also talking about patterns. Solid colors or large patterns work best. Small patterns can create weird illusions and noise, especially if you share the photos online or order smaller prints. Small patterns also compete with important elements of the photo – YOU!

However, patterns are not always bad! In this photo the family used matching plaid to create a style that suited them and made a great Christmas card feature.

Coming soon we’ll talk about Comfort and Class as it relates to wardrobe selection! Stay tuned!